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昨天发现我的深圳凤凰山森林公园网站已经被Joomla官方Site Showcase 收录,前后花了数天时间。

查看网址: ... oenix-mountain.html


下面介绍把网站提交给Joomla官方Site Showcase 的方法与意义

1.什么是Site Showcase?


The Joomla Site Showcase is a free service provided for the Joomla community to show off the power and extensibility of Joomla. Any person or company is welcome to submit their site for inclusion in the showcase. There are some basic rules that all sites must comply with in order to qualify for inclusion in the showcase. Failure to comply may result in removal from the showcase. By submitting a resource or a review to the Joomla Site Showcase, you agree to be bound by these rules.



Joomla官方网站: 是全球为数不多的PR为9的网站之一,是非常权威和知名的网站,能被Joomla官方收录将会对网站的推广和SEO起到十分良好的效果。能在Site Showcase上面展示自己的网站,可能比你花钱做SEO推广,发外链效果还好。

3.如何把网站提交给Joomla Site Showcase?How to Submit a Web Site?


It's easy to submit your site. First read the guidelines on what you need to include. Then navigate to the appropriate category for your site. You'll see an "Add your site here" link in the right corner of the page. Simply click that link to submit your site in that category.

There is no timeline given for approving submissions. Submissions are processed in the order they are received. Submitting your site with all the proper information and according to the guidelines helps ensure a speedy approval process.

大概意思是说首先依次进入您想要进行提交的目录,点击页面右上角的“Add you site here”,即把我的网站提交到这里。

要填写的内容包括:网站名称,网址,描述,语言,国家,Joomla版本等。另外要求上传screenshot,即网站截图,图片大小500px × 500px,最大800KB。

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